Re: Getting Started Guide for Group Owners available for review

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 10:43 PM, Nina E wrote:
And additional feedback is always welcome.
Hi Nina,

some additional feedback:

  • On the Introduction page, the bullet point list of features mentions 'Chat rooms' but it it is just referred to as 'Chats' on the left side menu and within Admin > Settings > Features panel,  and in Step 4 > Group Settings of this manual
  • In Step 1, I read the opening sentence as though it was a question so I was expecting to see a question mark at the end 'So, you want to create a group on' 
  • In Step 4, Group Settings there is no mention about storage limits and what to do when they are reached. Questions have been raised frequently on this subject so getting new group owners to consider this from the outset may be beneficial.
  • In Step 5, the bullet point about the Welcome note makes it seem as though you have a choice between the note or your own. will always send the canned Welcome note (which can be customised to some extent) and you can also add a Welcome note of your own if you wish.
  • In Step 5, the reference to the GroupManagersForum does not have a hyperlink like the reference in Step 3 (I haven't checked to try and work out what the standard is)
  • In Step 10, there's no mention that the Direct Add feature is available if you upgrade a Basic group. It just makes it sound as though you have to create a Premium or Enterprise group from the outset to get that feature. Perhaps it could say 'If you created a paid Premium or Enterprise group, or upgrade a Basic group for at least one month, you can add people...'


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