Re: Terminology for the Notifications Overhaul


Mark M.,

  • "Web Push" rather than "web/app" (aka "push"). This is the (relatively) standard term used for this type of notice which is different from the old-style web or app notification which required your app and/or browser to be active.

I've retained "web/app" as it is inclusive of both web push notification and mobile app notification methods. I've cleaned up the description a bit to clarify that browser-based notifications are using web push technology.

  • "Notice" rather than "Notification". Short is almost always better.

I've retained Notification as referring to a notice given by a specific method. For example, a Group Notice delivered by email, versus a Group Notice delivered by web/app notification.

  • Web Push Notices are "sent" rather than "delivered" or "pushed" since neither email nor "push" guarantee delivery or receipt

That's a bit pedantic. However where describing the action of I've added "sent" for clarity. This fits with the fact that actual delivery depends on the user's system and software, and the user's own choice of settings.

  • Deprecate words such as "instant", "immediately", etc.


  • Consider a structure for the Wiki page like:
    • Notice Audiences (targets/recipients?)
      • Group noticesĀ 
      • Member Notices
      • Moderator Notices
    • Notice Sending Methods
      • Email
      • Web Push
    • Notice Controls and Settings
      • Web Push Notice Controls. Include some examples or references for configuring.
      • Group Notice Controls
      • Member Notice Controls

I'll think about the structure, particularly as the page grows to accommodate additional developments.

For now I'm comfortable with having an Introductory section that establishes the terminology, followed by main sections for what the group can control and for what the member can control. Plus the odd-man-out of controls on the user's device rather than within the interface.

I think "Group Controls" directly addresses what group owners/mods (GMF's primary audience) are most concerned with: how do we control this beast. I don't want to make them read across a bunch of major sections to glean what they need to know.


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