Re: Terminology for the Notifications Overhaul

Mark Murphy

Thank you Shal, and everyone who has contributed to documenting and helping make these changes more usable and understandable.

Although I've read through all of the discussion, there a lot of changes and suggestions. May I suggest for your consideration:

  • "Web Push" rather than "web/app" (aka "push"). This is the (relatively) standard term used for this type of notice which is different from the old-style web or app notification which required your app and/or browser to be active.
  • "Notice" rather than "Notification". Short is almost always better.
  • Web Push Notices are "sent" rather than "delivered" or "pushed" since neither email nor "push" guarantee delivery or receipt
  • Deprecate words such as "instant", "immediately", etc.
  • Consider a structure for the Wiki page like:
    • Notice Audiences (targets/recipients?)
      • Group notices¬†
      • Member Notices
      • Moderator Notices
    • Notice Sending Methods
      • Email
      • Web Push
    • Notice Controls and Settings
      • Web Push Notice Controls. Include some examples or references for configuring.
      • Group Notice Controls
      • Member Notice Controls
Thank you.

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