Terminology for the Notifications Overhaul


Nina, (and anyone else interested)

I've sort of settled on a set of terms used to discuss the emerging feature, including

Group Notice - the kind that post to the group
Member Notice - the kind that don't exist yet (Likes, Chats)
Moderator Notice - the kind that are sent by direct to the mod/owner

I've also been describing the difference between Web/App Notifications and email delivery as primarily a difference in how a given notice (of any of those three types) may be delivered to the user.

If you have a moment (well, it will take more than a moment) could you have a look at GMFs wiki page for this feature, and see if you think I'm on the right track with how I'm describing it? And of course on any details of implementation that I may have missed or mistaken.

Thanks to some prodding from GMF members I went through a major clean-up of that page today, to try and get consistent terminology and a cohesive explanation.


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