Re: Member Manual Suggestions - June 5, 2020

Nina E

Hi, Duane. These items are addressed in the June 12 release of the Members Manual. Regarding a couple of your comments:

> 4.4.2
> Note: should say "select Login from the top menu..."

The reference is actually to the Login item on the left navigation menu when you're on your account page. I clarified the note (I hope :-) ).

> add 4.6.1
> If the group owner has allowed it, you can download the message archive for the group.  There will be an "Export Group Data" button at the top of any message view page.

Because this feature is group specific (not account related per se), I added a new topic, "Downloading a group's message archive," under "Working with group messages" (section 8 in the PDF version).

Thank you once again for your feedback!

- Nina

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