Typing a new message, keyboard doesn’t move #bug

Linda Liao

When typing a new message, after six lines my message got down to a point where the keyboard covered the text I was typing. So I couldn’t see what I was writing and couldn’t go back and edit. There was no way of dropping the keyboard unless I clicked away so I could see past. Typing blindly is very annoying!

Re: “Your groups” list #bug #fixed

Linda Liao

Sorry that last part got cut off because of my next suggestion/bug about the keyboard covering the text box.  I meant to say all my groups do show in the feed.  

“Your groups” list #bug #fixed

Linda Liao

When I click on the top groups logo, it takes me to “Your groups” but it doesn’t show me all my groups. It seems to be showing me one of the larger groups I manage and all the subgroups, but none of my other groups. It also seems to be doing some sort of infinite loop where it keeps scrolling through and doesn’t stop. That also throws me off.

All my groups show

moderated Link to test the iOS version of the app #admin


Hi All,

To get the iOS version of the app, follow this link: (note, you must be on your iPhone or iPad when clicking this link)

It will have you install an app called TestFlight. Using TestFlight, you will then be able to get the app.

Some notes:

  • The app is still being developed.
  • It is not yet as polished as I'd like.
  • It is not yet accessible.
  • It does not yet have group moderation functionality.

All that said, I'd like to get people to start using it so we can find any bugs and get feedback. Please post any feedback or bugs in separate topics. Only reply to this topic if you have a problem getting the app.

Thanks, Mark

Group charter #admin


Hi All,

This group is for discussion of the app. I will be posting a link and directions shortly on how to get a test version of the app. This message is for outlining how I've set up and would like to run the group.

This group requires topics to be tagged with a hashtag. These are the currently available hashtags for users:

  • #bug
  • #meta
  • #misc
  • #suggestion

You can see their descriptions by going to the Hashtags page. If you want to post something and are not sure which hashtag to use or there isn't an appropriate hashtag, use #misc, and I will fix it. #meta is the tag to use when making suggestions about this group.

Also, this group is set so that all new topics are moderated (this is a new setting I added to this week). So there may be a delay before your post shows up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Mark