Tapping Member Manual on Help page redirect to my list of Groups #bug #iOS

Joe Keliher

using newly released iOS app, tapping “Help”  then “Member Manual” takes me back to list of my groups, not the Member manual.   This was reported 4/8/21 by Thomas Gruber when he as logged in as owner of a group.  Mark could not reproduce this, was not resolved in April.  Same thing is happening to me now 9/20/21 using the released version of app for iOS, both when I am logged in as group owner and when logged in as simple member of the group.  Happens on both iPad and iPhone, happens when tapping Member Manual or Owner Manual.  I am running iOS and iPadOS 14.8.


IF Safari app is also open on iPad, sometimes tapping Member manual on app Help page redirects the iPad screen to display the Member Manual on the Groups.io webpage in Safari app.  But sometimes this does not happen; i.e. app jumps back to my list of groups instead of going to the Member Manual (or Owner manual).  I can not predict when tapping Member Manual on app Help page will redirect to Safari web page.


When I tried to reply to Thomas Gruber post (to say same problem exists with released version of app) hitting “Reply” took me to the Member Manual page !!!!!  This is very strange, as if the  URL for Member Manual is hiding in a register stack and finally pops to the top of that stack after a series of other correct links followed. 


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