Re: Notification sound and delayed menu option. #Android

Thomas Gruber

Hi Martyn,
I had a closer look at the settings and found the options you describe hidden under long presses in several different places - where I saw a text and a slider, and had assumed the text was only describing the slider, it was actually an area sensitive to long presses. so no difference in OS or app behavior between our phones.
Regarding notification settings - I was actually able to modify both default and miscellaneous settings. But it seems that the app only raises „miscellaneous“ alerts so far, so the settings for default never get activated. Sometimes the „miscellaneous“ option only appears after tapping on the „advanced“ area below it I think.

Am 21.07.2021 um 17:24 schrieb Martyn Bell <martyn@...>:

No it's just the standard oneplus OS, I'm not one for rooting it incase I get it wrong lol.
Just looked and it's the same as yours 10.3.11 I thought it was 10.4 but that's on another device. Strange how it's different.

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