Notification sound and delayed menu option. #Android

Martyn Bell

Not sure if anyone else can replicate this or if it's just a quirk of my setup.
I like to change the default notification sound so every app is different so (understandable) after up grading to a new version it loses my settings and I simply change it back...... except I can't until after I have received my first message.
There are two notification menu items, "Default" & "Miscellaneous" the default one is there all the time but doesn't seem to be the one used because if I change it to something different it still plays the other system default sound, once I've received a message the miscellaneous menu appears and I'm able to set my sound which IS the sound used by this app.
I'm on a ONE+6 running Android 10.4
Screenshot of the menu after it appears.
Martyn Bell

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