Re: Using the app? #misc

Andy Wedge

On Wed, Jun 23, 2021 at 06:26 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
Can you let me know if you are using the app on a regular basis? If not, are there any missing features preventing your using it?
I'm using the app most of the time rather than the mobile site. There are some significant differences between the app and desktop though in the controls available when editing a pending message:

The desktop UI provides controls to select different headers, fonts, special characters, undo, redo, preview and source code.  Is there a specific reason why these cannot be available in the app (and mobile site)?   When I add a Moderator note to the bottom of someone's message, I like to do that in the Courier font so it stands outs from the rest of the text.  I will generally just claim a message via the app and then wait until I can access the desktop UI to add a note.

The lack of any option to increase the text size means that I still revert to the mobile site via a browser on my phone on occasions so I can use the zoom feature. There's not a lot of space, for example, between the Ban Sender and Approve & Unmoderate Sender options on the More button when editing a pending message and I want to make sure I hit the right option.


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