Build 16 Issues #bug #fixed #Android

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

After some delay (ref #462), I was eventually able to download and install Build 16 and verified this on the Account/Settings screen.  I have found the following issues:

After going to the member list for my group and applying a filter the buttons at the top of the display are partially hidden by the header:

Tapping on the Account/Settings icon at this point does not show the build number:

Tapping the member list filter icon shows the filter list but it's not possible to scroll down and see the Apply button. When scrolling on that page the header and footer bars move partially off the screen:


Tapping the icon in the header takes me back the Groups list where the first group icon is partially hidden behind the header. Only the first 20 groups are listed and swiping up at the bottom of the list does not load more data:

Tapping the Icon again did not help to give me a full list of my groups so I logged out via the Account/Setting screen so see if another login would resolve the issue.  On the login screen, the description for account/email address field is hidden behind the header:

After logging in again, the icon of the first group is still behind the header bar, the list is limited to 20 groups and cannot be refreshed and the build number is not displayed on the Account/Settings screen.

I need to use the Android app settings and Force Stop the app in order be able to login again and see a full list of my groups,


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