Forcing infinite scroll makes the member list Actions button difficult to use #misc #Android

Andy Wedge

Hi Mark,

(raised as #misc because it's working as designed but a PITA)

by forcing infinite scroll on pages that support it (app #413) it makes those pages with some kind of action button at the bottom of the list difficult to use.  This is really noticeable on the member list where as soon as the Actions button becomes visible at the bottom of the screen, the next block of data is retrieved and the button disappears from view.  The same thing happens on the desktop if you have infinite scroll set but at least there, you can set (and the system obeys) the number of rows per page.  I have 1000 members on my group so that's a lot of scrolling in the app to get to the Actions button each time and I know that some groups have many more members.

The Admin > Subgroups page does not currently support infinite scroll but if that was changed it would be another example of a page that would be difficult to use because the Update button is at the bottom.

If the intention is to keep forcing infinite scroll then I think a redesign is called for on those pages with an Actions/Update button at the bottom of what could be very long lists. In the shorter term, it may be more user friendly not to force infinite scroll.


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