Using the API -- unclear documentation re: API KEY


From the authentication page:
Only the username field is used to provide information for authentication - for the login call, set it to your API key. The response will contain an API token which should be used as the username in all future requests until it expires.

Where is the API key?

From the login page:
curl "" \

Substituting email and password, I get an error:  


I remove the extra :, and I get:
Enter host password for user 'API_KEY':
I enter my password (same as in query param) (note: none of this is expected based on the documentation), and I get....

Which of the following is true so we can get this done today (I wrote earlier today and haven't heard so this may be a repeat):

1) The example is incorrect (I cut and paste and it doesn't work, so what I cut and paste is wrong)
2) The API KEY is available, and is passed in as part of -u API_KEY:{MY_API_KEY}


I saw in an old post to use as a key 123456.  It seemed to generate the token.

Does this mean the API is still in alpha?