Return email problems with direct_add


Hi guys

I'm trying to add a simple PHP integration - when user registers on my website he's automaticly added do

Everything is ok, user gets add to group and he gets an email - but it looks like a mix of two groups. Here are the examples:
1. Welcome to thehealthcareclubnewyork@... - I really don't know what email this is - it's not connected in any way with the group thehealthcareclubnewyork
2. Hello,

You have been added by the moderators to their Car Buying Coach Connect group thehealthcareclubnewyork@...

The address to send an email to the groups is thehealthcareclubnewyork@....

If this was a mistake, please click on the following link and you will be immediately removed:

Remove Me!

The Car Buying Coach Connect Team

The problem ony persists when using the API - when I add a user with emailing to every email is ok.

And here is my code -