Friday updates


Hi All,

There is now a working changelog/diff function for the API docs. It's at 

It's not perfect, but should hopefully be helpful.

I've also changed the URL for the API docs; it's now at

The /createsubgroup endpoint is now working and the docs have been updated with the correct parameters.

I noticed today that I'm a bit inconsistent in using "bad_request" versus "invalid_value" in errors. My gut says to get rid of one of them. I will figure that out early next week.

Please let me know if you see anything or have suggestions. 


James Milligan

Thanks Mark. I guess it depends - bad request feels more like there's a field or otherwise structural issue with the request, whereas invalid value is (to me) saying that the request itself is valid, but what you're trying to set is wrong. If you had to choose one I'd stick with bad request though.
Kind regards,

James Milligan
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