Unparseable JSON http response on updategroup invalid_value

Eric Searcy

/updategroup is returning both an error object and group object separated by a newline when I get anĀ invalid_value error, which means the http response can't be parsed as json (without first parsing/splitting newlines. Is this intentional, or is there a missing return statement somewhere?

In my case, I had accidentally passed "polls_access=group_access_none" (which is the "disable" value the other features use, but polls uses "polls_access_none").

The output was:

{"id":####,"object":"group","created":"2019-05-16T18:30:43.092324171-07:00","updated":"2019-05-16T18:30:43.092324171-07:00","title":"","name":[... and so on]}\n

(I've added the literal \n's for clarity)



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