Issue with /v1/updatesub

Eric Searcy


I'm calling updatesub as described in the documentation, and I'm getting an error.

curl -v -u $GROUPIO_TOKEN: -d sub_id=##### -d sub_notify=sub_notify_none

=> {"object":"error","type":"bad_request","extra":"group_id"}

(Where ##### is the returned "id" field of the membership info object when I ran /v1/getsub against a group_id I'm subscribed to.)

I can work around the error by adding group_id to the request.  Subscriptions seem to be globally unique identifiers, so the way the API documents it seems like it should work.

Two questions:

1) Can either the docs be updated, or the API be changed to match the docs?

2) If you change the API to match the docs, can you ensure that any passed group_id is just ignored (so it doesn't break backwards compatibility).



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