Re: Getting archives from group-specific domains


Hi Mark,

Thank you for answering! I'm not sure I've understood your question. I'm going to comment below the steps I did.

- I manually subscribed to 6 groups (e.g., beta | main, beta | api, announce@..., main@...)

- I got my access token --> curl "" -u 123456: -d "email=xxx@xxx&password=yyy"

- I retrieved my subscriptions --> curl "" -u ...
  the output contains all subscriptions, but the attribute group_name is not returned. However, this is coherent with

- I retrieved the subscription for a specific group id --> - curl "" -u ...
  the output contains only one subscription, the attribute group_name is not returned, this is not aligned with

As possible enhancements of the API:
- Is it possible to include the group_name in what is returned by the endpoint getsub?
- It would be possible to include domain as parameter of the endpoint downloadarchives, thus one could download archives using the params group_name and domain (instead of using the group_id)?

Thank you,

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