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Hi Isaac,

On Wed, Nov 1, 2017 at 9:12 AM, Isaac Whitfield <iw@...> wrote:

Ok, will use POST (doh!).

Hey, that one's on me as well. The docs need to be more clear and I need to return a specific error for that.

I'm a little confused on the limitation with the dots; I'm trying to create top level enterprise groups (for the LF projects). They will have a custom domain, so I figured I'd have to do that using the group name? 

Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works; is there some other way I should specify the domain for the group? 

Ok, so this is a little confusing, and is a result of how developed.

The create group and create sub group endpoints are for creating normal groups on the domain. An enterprise group is just a normal group(with subgroups) with a few extra bits set (that's a part that I still have to do by hand). So for example, the odpi groups started as a group named odpi along with a bunch of subgroups. When the lists were transferred over, I had to set some flags and specify that odpi was now an enterprise group with the domain. But in every other way, it's still a normal group and all the API calls work with it. For your purposes, the name of the group you create doesn't really matter.

(More info than you want to know: the system is designed this way because of a typical lifecycle of a group, and I wanted email addresses to be backwards compatible. That is, you start with a normal list, then later you add a subdomain and subgroups, then later on you decide you want to turn it into an enterprise group.)

The process of turning a normal group into an enterprise group also includes some other things, like setting up DNS records, getting a certificate, and telling Facebook and Google to allow oauth login callbacks from those domains. I hope to automate all that at some point, but have not yet.

Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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