Re: Some initial questions...


Hi James,

On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 11:00 AM, James Milligan <james@...> wrote:
- Where can API keys be found or generated? Since the API is still in alpha, is it just a case that they are unavailable right now?

I will get you a demo API key off-line. 

- Are there plans to support custom fields that can only be edited by mods/owners? I see the moderator notes field, but in the future it would be good to have distinct named fields that can be referenced by calling applications (think external identifiers and so on).

I'd like to have something like that, but it will have to wait, and it may be a part of a future feature where owners can set up questionnaires for their users. In the mean time, moderator_notes is probably your best bet.
In my case, with our membership system, I can invite or add a user to the group with a known email address, but if they change their email address later on in Groups.IO I lose the only 'link' I have on a technical level with our membership system. Storing their membership number against their account (which won't change) will allow me to pivot around those instead of email addresses, and remove them once their membership lapses. Which leads me onto...

- Are there plans to allow searching for members (aside from having to fetch all members and search within the results)? If custom fields are supported, I'd like to be able to search based on these as well.

I will add a search method. Object IDs do not change, so that'd be a good way to reference members.

Also, I've just pushed a bunch of updates to the API docs, including a section talking about versioning. Please let me know if you have questions.


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