Re: Where's the token from login endpoint? #api


On Tue, Sep 7, 2021 at 04:37 AM, Derek Milliner wrote:
Meant to add to that that the example in the API docs ( is a bit misleading on that - it shows a cookie-based request with a token-based response :-)


Thank you so much. That explains my confusion -- if the documentation is mixed up, that provides a shaky foundation to build on.

So I followed your example adding the "token=yes" POST parameters and was able to get a token back. The next thing I would like to do is to get a group's topics using token-based auth. The example in the documentation is:

curl "" \
-b "cookies.curl"

The documentation example above looks like a cookies-based auth request. How do I convert that into a token-based request?

For example, this below results in an "unauthorized" error:

dave@Moonquake:~ $ curl "<group_name>" -d token="<redacted>"


*pulls out hair*

Likewise I tried this:

dave@Moonquake:~ $ curl "<group_name>" -a 123456: -d token="<redacted>"

What is weird is I can get the cookie-based auth working in Postman (but not token-based auth) -- not sure where the differences is between Postman and curl, honestly.

I appreciate all your assistance with me figuring out how to use the API.


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