Where's the token from login endpoint? #api


In the log which follows, I have redacted sensitive information.
When I run curl (for a crude test) from an Ubuntu Linux 20.04 system using the /login endpoint, providing valid email and password, I get back the following JSON (re-formatted by jsonlint.com website). There is no error indicated that I can see. So...where's the "token": "", section that's supposed to be near the end of the JSON response?
Without the token, I can't really perform any other API operations, no? I have reread https://groups.io/api#login and cannot seem to locate the error.
dave@Moonquake:~$ curl "https://groups.io/api/v1/login" -c /tmp/cookies.curl -d "email=&password="
"user": {
"id": "",
"object": "user",
"created": "2021-09-06T15:18:09.179936685-07:00",
"updated": "2021-09-06T15:21:10.557412629-07:00",
"email": "",
"full_name": "",
"user_name": "",
"timezone": "America/New_York",
"status": "user_status_confirmed",
"profile_photo_url": "",
"post_pref": "user_postpref_html",
"per_page_pref": "user_per_page_pref20",
"allow_facebook_login": false,
"allow_google_login": false,
"allow_sso_login": false,
"csrf_token": "",
"two_factor_enabled": false,
"recovery_codes": "",
"dont_munge_message_id": false,
"about_me": "",
"about_format": "about_html",
"location": "",
"website": "",
"time_pref": "standard_time",
"date_pref": "us_date",
"monday_start": false,
"profile_privacy": "profile_private",
"default_message_view": "thread_view",
"topics_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"topic_sort_dir": "sort_asc",
"messages_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"expanded_messages_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"search_sort": "date_sort",
"search_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"photos_order_by": "",
"photos_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"album_order_by": "",
"album_sort_dir": "sort_none",
"default_calendar_view": "cal_view_month",
"default_hashtag_view": "view_grid",
"default_rsvp_view": "view_grid",
"home_page": "home_page_feed"

dave@Moonquake:~$ cat /tmp/cookies.curl
# Netscape HTTP Cookie File
# https://curl.haxx.se/docs/http-cookies.html
# This file was generated by libcurl! Edit at your own risk.
#HttpOnly_.groups.io    TRUE    /       TRUE    1633560642      groupsio        <REDACTED_DATA>

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