Installing on a different drive other than C:


I would like to install the program on drive D: It defaults to Drive C:.   My  reason for wanting to install to drive D: is that my drive C: is an SSD and is very small... only 115 GB.  Windows 10 has (over time) eaten up all of the free space and now I can't even up date windowz for a lack of free space.  My Drive D: is an HHD, and has a terabyte of storage.  I have been able to move most of my programs over to it but for some reason when I try to install N3FJP it doesn't give me an option to which drive I want to install it on.  I have searched all of the FAQs and can't find anything.   This may sound stupid but I just thought I would ask.  Back before the Plandemic, when work was good and steady, I would just buy a new computer or a larger SSD but money is tight and I was hoping for a less costly solution.  Thanks

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