Re: A few basic Qs from a non-programmer #misc

Derek Milliner

On Fri, May 28, 2021 at 02:16 PM, David Mazur-Goulet wrote:

Can we have two or three different applications interface with Is it technically possible with the API?

Short answer; yes. Slightly longer answer, the API requires a valid login so an application will need to make the appropriate login calls and store/provide the resulting login token, but each login is distinct. You could if you wanted provide different login accounts for each application if you wanted to apply different permissions. A distinct login counts as a member, this may be an issue with the basic accounts for instance.

Is it possible to sync the directory of a subgroup with another application using the API?

If you mean as in extract the member directory of a subgroup, again yes, this would use the getmemberdirectory API call. Note that exactly what you can do through the API is controlled mainly by the permissions granted to the account you use for the API login, (in this case the "view_member_directory" permission), hence the comment above vis. different per-app accounts. Not all functionality is exposed through the API as yet; the reference docs can be found here:



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