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Thanks Mark.


Just to confirm:


If we set the group discussion to be only visible to group members, then only group members can access this content by the API?


Apologies if this is a newbie question: What setting options are available in the software to enact visibility to a closed group? E.g. is there a setting something like ‘content access [select group members only]’


We are still deciding whether this platform is suitable for our group, and so haven’t been able to access what it looks like to be an admin and the associated group settings yet.


Thanks for your help





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On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 5:55 PM Monica <monica.barratt@...> wrote:


We are looking to start a group and are checking out all the features. Having an API so we can easily download the content of the group is an excellent feature that we are excited about. However, it is important to us that only the members of the group have access to the content and to this feature.


Can someone confirm that the group members can use the API for the group content, rather than say anyone with a account?



Access to the API follows the same permissions structure as the website. If someone can access a feature on the website, they can access it through the API. If they can't access the feature on the website, they can't access it via the API.


Hope this helps.


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