Re: /login Changes

Eric Searcy

Token auth is working for me, but the "domain" POST parameter behavior changed in the last 3-5 days I believe... it used to be that regardless of what vanity domain you used (, you still had to pas a domain= POST parameter that changed both the cookie domain and the "d" value of the JWT token (depending which auth was used); now the "d" value is always 1 in the token, regardless of what URL is used. (I haven't re-checked the cookie domain behavior...)


On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 5:13 PM Jordan Evans <jevans@...> wrote:

I noticed that the domain parameter for the login endpoint was removed
( I don't recall when that happened, but
it seemed the parameter worked until fairly recently. I have a couple
of related questions:

1. Are we expected to auth against the actual domain now? (for
example, instead of We
previously used the domain parameter to determine if
an enterprise setup was already deployed for a given domain.
2. Does the token parameter for login currently work? It seems I still
get a cookie and the response appears unchanged.

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