Re: [feature request] Add start_msg_date param to endpoint /downloadarchives


On Mon, Jan 20, 2020 at 7:11 AM valcos <valcos@...> wrote:

It would be great if the endpoint /downloadarchives could have an optional parameter to download messages after a given date. The param (e.g., start_msg_date) would be similar to start_msg_num and would return the messages
sent after a given date (in isoformat, UTC).

It would be more reliable for you to use the start_msg_num parameter in coordination with the X-Groupsio-MsgNum header line. That way you are guaranteed to fetch all messages, with no overlap. Is there any reason you can't use that? I am going to start more aggressively ratelimiting /downloadarchives access, as it puts a load on our system.


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