Re: Updates


Hi James,

On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 11:15 AM, James Milligan <james@...> wrote:
Hi Mark,

The /updateuser endpoint seems to accept (200 OK) my requests, but doesn't actually proceed to update the user:

Please try it now. I've also updated it to take some additional parameters.

Error objects now have an "object" field, to be consistent with the other objects. I also changed user_status_notconfirmed to user_status_not_confirmed, to be more consistent.

It would be really nice (rather, simpler for me!) if the API accepted JSON on the way in as well as for the response.

Understood. For at least the time being, I need to keep the calls as they are. I'm doing the API this way because I can repurpose the existing web code, with not a lot of change, to also run the api server, and I can have both servers share the same code. A lot less development risk, and I'm able to get more done quickly. Plus it's how Stripe's API works, and I try to copy them whenever I can because I think their API is very well thought out. :)

I hope tomorrow to have a system in place where you can easily diff different versions of the API docs, so you can see what's changed.


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