Re: Help! I'm confused on how to migrate via the api

Gilbert Coville <gilbert-groups@...>

When you import your messages, I’ll be very interested to know if they are entered (and placed into the message count matrix on the group’s home page) as the date/time that you perform the operation, or whether they take the date/time from the “Date:” lines in the messages.

The experiments I’ve tried by sending messages to the group (spoofed as original owners) took on the date/time of when they were received, not from the “Date:” header.

The Yahoo group transfers are using the original date/time info. That might be something that’s not available via the api.


On Nov 22, 2019, at 10:22 AM, sierragamers via Groups.Io <> wrote:

I upgraded and tried the DirectAdd API.

It works fine, and is what I'll use for migration. It did do one thing I don't love ...

It sends an email to users that I can't stop. It means I can't get everything imported and THEN alert everyone. It will alert all the users immediately when I add them to the group and start the message import. Oh well ... I just hate spamming people when it can be avoided.

Thank you! This is looking very possible...

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